Welcome To Campeche In Galena, 230 N Commerce rd Galena IL 61036 815.776.9950

From Humble Beginnings,



For a long time Mexican food was known as tacos, tostadas and enchiladas, for 35 years Campeche Restaurant has taken pride in bringing authentic Mexican food to the Chicago Area. By following Grandmothers Recipe's and serving authentic Mexican cuisine; that Small restaurant in the north side of Chicago grew in popularity. Soon, we open location in Rogers Park, Wrigley Ville and Lincoln wood. Today we are proud to bring our Authentic Recipe’s and family heritage to Galena. Although there have been several franchise proposals, the restaurant still remain entirely family owned. Campeche restaurant is looking for continued growth in the future. Whatever the future holds Campeche has pledged to always serve the same authentic recipes that have been handed down for generations. At this time we would like to give a special thanks to My Mom (Concepcion) and Dad (Gerardo) that without their love and leadership none of this would be possible.